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The Cattle Section in Athlone Agri -Show is renowned for the spectacular quality of the animals exhibited both pedigree and commercial. It is now regarded both by exhibitors and spectators alike as being the best cattle show in Ireland with exhibitors travelling from all four provinces.

Specific Requirements – Cattle
The following changes are been introduced for keepers of bovine animals who wish to show  cattle – these changes apply 2015 show season.

Keepers of cattle are now required to obtain a certificate of compliance prior to the movement of an animal to a show. Certificates of Compliance can be obtained online from the animal identification and movement(AIM) system through the facility for from the cattle movement agency.

When applying for a certificate of compliance keepers should not specify a destination herd on the day of the show. The certificate of compliance should be presented to the show secretary along with the bovine passport  for the animal.

The keeper and show secretary will then sign the movement notification section of the certificate which will be then sent to the local DVO for recording on to the AIM system. Please note only cattle for which a valid  certificate of compliance is provided to the show secretary  will be allowed to be shown on the show. NO CERT NO SHOW